Documentation of GAM Click Macro:

NOTE: If no other instructions are given we will insert the CLICK_URL_UNESC %% %% macro described in the GAM documentation linked above.

For us to be able to track the click count the GAM We need to be able to insert a click macro into the script while. We would like you to always deliver thescript with a placeholder for where to insert our click macro with The Following formats: `click =" [Google_Click_Macro_Here] "` .The name of the variable, `click =` is not important to us, you can name it whatever you like as long as the placeholder-name is very clear about where to insert the click macro.
Preferably name the placeholder [Google_Click_Macro_Here] as in the example above.

Example Third-party script: <script language = 'JavaScript1.1' SRC = "http: //www.3rdpartydomain? Key1 = value1 & key2 = value2 & CACHEBUSTER = [Cachebuster_Macro_Here] & click = [Google_Click_Macro_Here]"> </ SCRIPT>