The material may not be hosted behind any third party as DCM, Adform or similar but must be a physical HTML materials.

The materials must consist of a zip file using a index.html located directly in the zipped folder. So you can not have nested folders index.html below.

Format of images supported: JPG, PNG and SVG (Note: Ad Manager does not support Currently creatives That use SVG tags within HTML files. Instead, you can include standalone .svg files and reference them in the HTML.)

The material shall not have fixed sizes specified but must be set so that the size relates to its "parent". (Width: 100% height: 100%).

Use only the canvas if you know that it will meet the requirements of the material to relate to his parent's size.

Click URL must be specified as the clickTag = " ". clickTag should then be used in the material clicks destination.

What do we do with the material

Converts the entire material to the roller so that we can upload it as a script instead of uploading a physical file.

All <script> <img> and <link> attribute with a src file converted into inline instead to refer to a file.

The attributes to be printed on the roller can not reference external resources, but only to resources located in the zip file

The reason that no fixed sizes can be specified is for all elements that are the parents of the banner will have sizes corresponding to 100% width and height.